Carroll Community Worship Center
Redeem, Renew, Restore
4506 Carroll Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46818
Ph. (260) 637-5998

Worship 9:30 am
Sermon 11:00 am

Revive Indiana
Global Awakening
Star 88.3
WBCL 90.3
2019 Sermons
01/06/19 Open Doors of Opportunity
01/13/19 Suddeny - Like Poppcorn
01/20/19 Weather Closer
01/27/19 Hay Look, It's a Sermon
(Keith Haarer) NOTES
02/03/19 I am sending you
02/10/19 All Worship
02/17/19 Brought near by the blood of Jesus
(Sheryl Haarer)
02/24/19 Cherish the Word
(Keith Haarer)
03/03/18 The Work of God as medicine
03/10/19 More than Conquerors
03/17/19 What Are You Doing On That Balcony?
(Brian Schmeltz)
03/24/19 Time to flip the switch
(Keith Haarer)
03/31/19 The Rejected Christ
04/07/19 My Word - My Love - My Joy
04/14/19 Who for the joy that was set before
Him...(Sheryl Haarer)
04/21/19 Life With Christ
04/28/19 Cherish thE Vword (Keith Haarer)
05/05/19 Stand Strong in FaithfulnesKs
05/15/19 Don't eat your Seed, P,lant It
05/19/19 Free to live by the Sprit
05/26/19 The homeless God (Keith Haarer)
06/02/19 Established in the Faith
06/09/19 You Truly are Unleavened
(Sheryl Haarer)
06/16/19 Whzat are you full of?
06/23/19 Life in the Kingdom (Keith Haarer)
06/30/19 Thank You darkness for showing me
the Light (Christopher Gingras)
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07/01/18 What good can come of this?
            (Brian Schmeltz)
07/14/19 CCWC Campout
07/21/19 Rejoice (Sam Haarer)
07/28/19 God Will Get Me Where I'm Going
(Keith Haarer)
08/04/19 Ask,: What should I give you
08/11/19 Everybody’s Hungry (Sheryl Haarer)
08/18/19 A Faithful Loyal Heart
08/25/19 The life you are living is valuable
(Keith Haarer)
09/01/19 A Faithful Loyal Heart
09/08/19 Lessons I've learned from a
(Keith Haarer)
09/15/19 Don Heckman
09/22/19 It's Harvest Time (Keith Haarer)
09/29/19 Prospering in all things
10/06/19 In Christ
10/13/19 Do I Have To? (Sheryl Haarer)
10/20/19 Open Door of Opportunity
10/27/19 We Are For Too Easily Pleased
(Keith Haarer)
11/03/19 Blessed to be a Blessing
11/10/19 To Cows To People